Upcoming Litters


Our dogs are bred to meet the breed standard,excel in health,temperament and beauty. 


 New litter has arrived March 20,2013
Five pups three chocolate and white males, one chocolate and white female and one licorice kiss male!




This is a comfy spot!

How did this sheep get here?

Don't bother me I'm tired!


Can I nurse on this it smells good!

What is this thing?

WOW ! We got eyes , look I can see !

Papa Pon watching over his pups!


 Two and a half weeks old.


Three weeks.

Hey we were sleeping no more pictures!

AHHH nothing better then a good nap after a

big dinner!

First meal of Oak Knoll's Goats milk and raw ground chicken...ummmm!

Outside running round with Momma Pippin.

Checking out the new surroundings.

Playing with Sage and a couple of Mini Aussies.

Eating Grass!


Six weeks old and thinking about Agility?


Oh boy this outside stuff with "sunshine" is wonderful ,but it can make up sleepy too !

Looks like a "Polish Sausage" on the left... oh no its Uri & Major sleeping!

Who's hiding under the ramp? Looks like Roza to me and then she is laughing at me when she comes out.

Tobi has dug himself a nice cool spot lower left and little Tati has found a treasure in the grass!


Geesh we are tired!





Call Cathy for details and to reserve your

Ponderosa now!






You can see our last litter from 2007 below.

Pippin and Macius litter born Oct.10.2007 three females five males!