Siri's Birthday !

"Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you, Happy

Birthday dear Siri, we all love

you, too!"


         It all began with a new but empty dish!

Then Mom said," Siri hup hup,  look what I have for you !" So I jumped up and she put on this silly hat... then I sniffed inside the bowl, and I looked in the bowl and saw steak.  I said, YAHOO !

Dig in, she said, so I did. And I didn't have to share with Pippin or any of the other guys!

I ate and ate, then had ice cream. WOW! Turning one year old is sure a BIG deal...wonder what will happen when I turn two? I can hardly wait !




Woah... I sure am full!


Thanks, MOM! 

I also got a new snake just like I had when I first came to the USA from Poland...I love it too!

Here I am at 9 weeks.

Here I am today!

Thanks, Mom, for a great  

first birthday!