The Future of Wilshy 

Our dogs are bred to meet the breed standard, excel in health, and beauty, are always shown "naturally" as a PON should be!

Well, our "silly little baby" is just about grown up and see how she did at one of her first big show weekends out at ten months of age !

RWB, under Judge Robert C. Thomas at the Pioneer Valley Show, Aug 2, 2008.

Miss Schatzi also took WB,BOW for a three point major as her first points  the next day in our home town ,at the Cheshire Kennel Club Show under Judge Mrs. Carolyn Thomas, no picture though ,the judge had to run off to Group before a big thunder storm came, good thing we took a pic yesterday !

(See new show pics below)



Such a silly baby!

What a gorgeous young lady she is at 5 months!!!

Snow baby Schatzi!


Best of Breed under Judge  Mr. Arley D. Hussin, Pioneer Valley Kennel Club show, April 18, 2009.


Then same day!!!!



Bred By Exhibitor , Herding Group 2, under

 Judge Ms. Carol Arteta !



Princess Schatzi waiting to get ready for

 the shows at our  friend Julia's house!

You want me to do what?


Oh OK look pretty I can do that!


Finally relaxing after all that showing !