Herding, Agility and other PON fun stuff
Our dogs are bred to meet the breed standard !




  We had a great day at the

  Hartford,Ct. "Meet The

  Breed" which was

  sponsored by the South

  Windsor Kennel club

  Thanks for inviting us!


Roza and  her Papa Siri had a great time and it was Roza's first big trip,  she was such a good puppy greating folks while Pap took a nap !

Siri helped hand out PON information and kissed lots of kiddos!

The biggest question was," Mommy that doggie has no eyes" !

We had a lot of explaining to do and finally allowed the children to see he does have very sweet eyes!


        It was a long day  here are two tired

                         Polish Sausages !

 Stay tuned for our next





Below is Siri and Schatzi's

 first experience at

herding...take a look !


"Wow...look at those dogs fly !"





"Boy this looks so much fun !"


                       Here goes Schatzi !


  Special thanks to Anna & Volker Klocke for the great herding pictures, and organizing the clinic. Here is a link to their website to see more PONs herding and having a great time!