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           The World of the Delightful Polish Lowland Sheepdog...a short history.

 The first written information about the breed is from the 15 th Century, when Pan K. Grabski sailed from Poland  to Scotland with a shipload of grain to exchange for sheep and wool. On board he had six Polish Lowland Sheepdogs to work the sheep. A Scotish shepherd admired the way the dogs worked and he bartered a ram and an ewe for three of the dogs. The three dogs are beleived to be the origins of the Bearded Collie and the Old English Sheepdog, and other breeds in Great Britain.

   The records show that medium sized, shaggy, herding dogs existed in the northern and eastern regions of Poland for many centuries, being a possible cross of the Hungarian Puli and the ancient Hun Herding Dog. In paintings dated in the 19 th Century, a painting by F. Maslowski, titled "A Shepherd Boy," is a small, shaggy, bobtailed sheepdog that is obviously a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

   In the beginning of the 20 th Century interest in purebred livestock swept the world including Poland. This interest included dogs. Countess Grocholska and Mesdames Wanda and Rosa Zoltowska started breeding these naturally bobtailed dogs and supplied them for herding and guard duties on their estates.

   World War I caused great devastation in Poland and a rough census left only 150 of these unique dogs surviving. The breeders somehow started again, even though food was scarce for humans let alone dogs. Then along came World War II and this again placed the breed in jeopardy. With the industrialization of Poland after the WWII was over herding dogs were not needed except by those few who stayed on the land.

   In 1948, Dr. Danuta Hryniewicz, a Polish veterinarian, took an interest in the breed. Dr. Hryniewicz searched and discovered that in all of Poland there were only two dogs and six bitches existing she concidered worth breeding. In 1949,  she was allowed to use Kurta and Laska, the elderly dogs belonging to a shepherd, to produce a litter. This litter resulted  in only one puppy she named Smok z Kordegardy. This puppy was placed in a working situation for a few years until he matured. She then bought two puppies from Pani Kusionowicz ( Dukay and Diuna z Babiejwsi).  It was in 1955.  She also acquired Wiga  from a pet home. These dogs formed the origins of the famous "Kordegardy"  Polish Lowland Sheepdogs.

   In 1957,  four of these shaggy dogs were exhibited in Bydgoszcz. They were medium in size, lively, and alert, shaggy but not silky or woolly .  Mrs. Pani Dubrowinowa wrote the breed standard in 1959 and the Polish Kennel Club accepted it.

   At this stage, the European Dog World began to take an interest. Breeders in Europe began importing, breeding and showing them.  Mr. and Mrs. Betty Augustowski imported some of these dogs to the USA and others followed.


                  (This was taken from ,"The Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club, Inc Presents:  The PON")


                                                                           The American Kennel Club